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Skilled Trades Agency Recruiter Position at Work With Your Handz

Elevate Your Recruiting Career With Us


About Us:


At Work With Your Handz, we’re more than just a recruitment firm. We are a distinguished woman-led powerhouse specializing in the residential services domain. With our primary operations rooted in the heart of Northern Virginia, we have successfully crafted a remote workforce that stands apart. As we continue to expand our horizons, we are eager to welcome a spirited and adept recruiter to be a part of our growth story.


Role Essence:


As our Agency Recruiter, you don’t just fill positions—you are the bridge between talent and opportunity, upholding our brand’s legacy in the industry. Beyond talent acquisition, your role morphs into one of account management, a position demanding unparalleled communication finesse, an impeccable sense of professionalism, and an innate knack for organization.


Why Choose Work With Your Handz?


Rewarding Compensation: Secure a base salary ($45,000 – $55,000) complemented by generous bonuses, setting you on a trajectory to potentially surpass the $100,000 annual earnings mark.

Benefit Bonanza: We invest in your well-being, covering a substantial part of your healthcare, vision, and dental insurances. Plus, benefit from our 401(k) match program.

Remote Flexibility: Merge convenience with productivity as you operate from the comfort of your home.

Skyrocketing Growth: Our staggering growth rates of 293% in 2021 and 136% in 2022 stand as a testament to our upward trajectory, promising a realm of advancement opportunities.

Team Synergy: Dive into a workplace culture that amalgamates professionalism with fun. Here, camaraderie isn’t just a word—it’s a practice.

Empowerment Through Resources: Harness the power of our extensive ATS database, coupled with our memberships on elite platforms such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and LinkedIn Recruiter.


Your Charter:

  • Navigate the recruitment landscape, managing the end-to-end hiring process.
  • Be a Sourcing Guru to Search for Candidates on Job Boards and our extensive Database.
  • Know strong Boolean Search Strings to be able to search out candidates quickly.
  • Sell you Candidates on the Client Company, what they offer and what the position is. Get them excited to interview!
  • Liaise seamlessly with clients, Weekly Check in Zoom Calls to discuss your candidates and get their feedback.
  • Architect and implement tailor-made recruiting strategies aligned with client prerequisites.
  • Assess, interview, and ascertain candidate compatibility.
  • Commandeer all facets of candidate interaction, from initial touchpoints to interview logistics.
  • Stay abreast of compliance mandates, overseeing preliminary screening processes.
  • Collaborate closely with organizational stakeholders, including company owners and HR leaders from partner firms.
  • Keep a finger on the industry’s pulse, always staying one step ahead.


You Bring:

  • A rich tapestry of 3+ years in recruitment, with a spotlight on agency experience.
  • An understanding of the residential services, skilled trades or construction landscape.
  • Mastery over recruitment paradigms and protocols.
  • Stellar communication skills, both written and spoken.
  • Acumen in applicant tracking software utilization.
  • An always-on-the-go mindset, deft time management, and an unwavering focus on objectives.
  • Bilingual abilities would be the cherry on top!


Inclusivity is ingrained in our DNA. All deserving candidates, irrespective of race, gender, veteran status, or any protected category, will be considered. Kindly note, a pre-employment background scrutiny is part of our hiring process.



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Skilled Trades Recruiter