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About Us

Work With Your Handz is a trailblazing recruiting agency that specializes in partnering with residential and commercial service companies nationwide.  We excel in finding not only qualified skilled tradesmen and women, but also the office, sales and leadership staff that supports those blue-collar workers. As a business owner, you know it takes having all the right people on your team to propel your business to the growth goals you know are possible. As a candidate you want to work with not only the employers of choice in the industry, but with those companies that can help you attain your dreams and give you the opportunities for a great career and a fun and supportive work culture. We aren’t reinventing the wheel; we are just tenacious in our search to find the best talent for our clients in the quickest timeframe possible.  We aren’t passively waiting for candidates to apply; we are actively headhunting for the top talent for our clients.  We are successful because we are an extension of your company and are true partners.

Partner with Work With Your Handz, your elite ally in talent acquisition for the residential and commercial services industry. Renowned for propelling industry leaders ahead with top-tier recruitment, we craft the teams that drive your success. Our deep industry insight and nationwide connections distinguish us as your strategic choice for recruiting excellence, from apprentices to executives. Commit to a future of growth with us—your competitive edge in harnessing the finest skilled trade talent for your business’s thriving future.

A Trusted Recruitment Partner

Work With Your Handz will get to know you and what your company needs to succeed. Our mission statement is simple: 

To provide our clients with the best talent available in the quickest and most efficient time frame.

Our vision is to drive business growth for service companies through strategic recruitment.

At Work With Your Handz, our mission is to empower businesses by providing exceptional recruitment services that strategically source and place top-tier skilled trade professionals, ensuring our clients have the talent they need to excel and expand in their respective industries.

To support our vision and mission of being the catalyst for our clients’ robust growth, we apply a tactical approach:

  1. Deep Understanding: We start by immersing ourselves in our clients’ business environments to grasp their unique challenges and aspirations.
  2. Tailored Talent Matching: Leveraging our extensive network, we meticulously identify and introduce individuals whose skills, experience, and values align with the specific needs and culture of each client.
  3. Ongoing Partnership: Our relationship doesn’t end with placement. We continually engage with clients to ensure the integration of new team members is seamless and beneficial.
  4. Feedback and Adaptation: We thrive on feedback and use it to refine our approach, ensuring ongoing alignment with evolving client needs.
  5. Focus on Results: Every action we take is driven by the ultimate goal of enhancing our clients’ growth and success.

Transform your recruitment challenges into success with Work With Your Handz. Our service excels in finding and delivering the skilled trade talent you need, enhancing your team’s productivity and growth. We blend our expansive social media reach and cutting-edge technology to access a diverse talent pool swiftly. Partner with us for a recruitment experience that not only fills gaps but adds value to your business, backed by our commitment to quality and driven by our core values. With Work With Your Handz, you’re not just hiring; you’re investing in a future-proof workforce.

Strategic Partners

Our Story

The idea for our company grew from a late night conversation about how hard it is to find good technicians for the trades. With multiple good friends and family members in the industry it has been a common theme for many years that seems to have only gotten worse in the last decade. 

The way we work has continuously improved since our inception and we have become extremely proficient in finding key talent across a range of industries and sectors. We have broadened our service offerings and we have implemented technological innovations that benefits both our clients and prospective workers.

What makes us unique and the perfect team is the combination of traits you get when you work with us.  We have the business savvy and analytical strength to understand how and why the talent you seek will contribute to helping make you more profitable.  We have the interpersonal and communication skills that allow us to connect with clients and candidates across the globe in a thoughtful and intentional manner.   Together these attributes make us the perfect team to conquer your objectives in hiring.

Our Vision

To drive business growth for service companies through strategic recruitment.

Our Core Values


Delivering the best talent in the shortest time possible through our detailed on-boarding and highly personalized, efficient processes. We give you the competitive advantage.


Building a strong foundation with our clients starts with communication and we listen to truly understand your challenges and objectives.

Be Fair and Honest

Speaks for itself.  We are nothing without our integrity. 


Demonstrated in the high caliber of candidates we send and the exclusive, detailed, in depth service we provide.

Communicate Openly

Facilitating continuous strong communication and collaboration between all parties is paramount to any placement and is maintained throughout the process.


We know the landscape for businesses is constantly changing and we remain flexible to quickly change direction if needed.

Meet the Founders

Kelly Rowlett Presgrave Co-Founder, President & Owner

Kelly Rowlett Presgrave is a graduate of George Mason University with a BA in Finance, a graduate of Cornell University’s Talent Management and Acquisition program, and a member of SHRM.  She continues to gain insight into the constantly evolving recruitment industry. Her background in Finance helps her in both business development and client management.  It gives her the unique capability to add value by truly understanding businesses, and how the talent each client needs will directly impact their bottom line.  She has gained immense experience regarding recruitment across many industries and she has earned a reputation as a results and solutions driven entrepreneur. She loves building relationships with clients and watching their businesses and ideas succeed. She truly enjoys the challenges of finding the perfect candidate for every client.  

Dana Hubchen Co-Founder, Chief People Officer

Dana Hubchen is a graduate of Texas Tech University, with a BA in Social Work. Dana is passionate about helping people maximize their potential and Work With Your Handz enables her to solve client resource problems and help people find rewarding work. A certified forensic interviewer, Dana has been called upon to testify in civil, criminal and domestic trials; a skill which supports her ability to quickly identify strong candidates and place them in suitable positions, ensuring satisfied clients each time. With many years of experience as a Public Relations and Training Director, Dana is able to communicate effectively with all kinds of people, making her a natural success in this position.  Her ability to build and maintain relationships, while developing, planning, and executing recruitment strategies, has a proven record of quality long-term success for both her clients and candidates.