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How We Can Help You Hire Skilled Labor

At Work With Your Handz we know that finding the best talent for your company is a challenge that requires thoughtful attention.  We find the best fit based not only on skills, ability and knowledge, but based on your company’s culture and core values.


Finding the best talent for your company is a challenge that requires thoughtful attention. We find top candidates based not only on skills, ability, and knowledge but also on your company’s culture and core values. We specialize in providing a personalized recruiting strategy to hire skilled labor. Our services include sourcing candidates with specialized software reserved for the recruiting industry. In addition, our full-time Talent Sourcer scours the Internet, social media, and job boards for those hidden passive candidates.

Our recruiters thoroughly vet candidates with intensive phone screenings where we dive deep to discover qualified applicants’ soft skills, their level of technical capabilities, and experience in their trade. In addition, we uncover what matters to them for benefits, schedule, salary, and other parameters, as well as determine if they meet your team’s skill level required, your compensation package, and your company’s core values.

More importantly, we learn those unique characteristics that make them an excellent fit for your team, and can educate them on why your company is an industry leader and an employer of choice. We follow our candidates through every step and help with final negotiations, background checks, drug screens, driving records, and reference checks.

Gain a competitive edge in your industry by letting us help you find superior talent because we know having the best and brightest has a direct effect on the bottom line.


We offer:

  • Applicant Source Analysis
  • Weekly Activity Reports
  • Salary Surveys 
  • Benefit Surveys

Let us know what information you need to help take your company to the next level.  Having the right amount of talent when you need it, paying competitively in your market and knowing what your competitors are doing play keys roles in becoming the industry leader.  Knowledge is power, and we can give it to you.


We offer a multitude of reporting services that will give you the insight you need to better manage your talent acquisition dollars.  We can help give you retention rates, dollar cost per hire and an assortment of other metrics that will give you the powerful information you need to make the best hiring decisions based on real data specific to your company.  We can provide an analysis compared to known industry standards and best practices.

Additional Services

We offer:

  • Retention Analysis to Reporting
  • Resume Services for Applicants
  • Background Checks, Drug Screens and MVR through Verified First

We partner with Verified First, the leading resource in their industry, to give you the most thorough and complete criminal background and drug screenings available.  This add-on service can be customized to fit your company’s requirements.