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We are interested to hear from companies and candidates alike. Our people are everything to us and we will help guide you through the interview process. We can give you keen insight into the company and will help you determine if the opportunity is a good fit. When you choose to work with Work With Your Handz your success is important to us. 

We will only set you up for interviews with companies where we know you can succeed. Our goal for you is to help you reach your maximum potential and find your dream job. Our staff is well seasoned in assisting you with interview tips. We will help you navigate the interview process by giving you insight what the job specifications and company’s goals are, as well as many more unique services to help you during the interview process.

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Process For Candidates

We get to know you and ask about your career aspirations.  What you are looking for is crucial for us to know. Only when both you and our client are matched well will both parties accomplish their goals.  

Your resume is your first impression. Contact us today and we will give you tips on ways to improve this important first step. Visit our essential tips for every job seeker.  

Essential Tips

These helpful tips may seem obvious, but for many job seekers they are often overlooked.  

General Tips

  • Show up 5 minutes early. If you are running late (even for a video interview) text us and we will let the client know. Being on time, or early, lets the company know you are serious about the position and are dependable and reliable.
  • Be truthful about your work experience and skills you possess. Do not embellish.
  • If you are not going to make the interview for any reason let us or the client know with as much advance notification as possible. Ghosting is not just a dating term, when it happens to a potential employer it leaves a lasting impression that is not favorable.
  • For Zoom interviews – conduct the interview in a quiet space with good reception and no distractions.
  • Dress professionally, even on a Zoom interview.
  • Create a Linked In profile, if you do not already have one.
  • Clean up your Facebook page or make it private.
  • It’s ok to have a unique email address but keep it clean and non-complicated. If you do have one that is not appropriate for an employer, create a new one for work or professional purposes.

For Your Resume

  • Use a legible font on your resume. Not script.
  • Explain gaps in employment history.
  • Spellcheck and check for typos or grammatical errors.
  • You do not have to put your address but include your town of residence.
  • Place dashes in your phone number so it is easier to read.
  • Highlight accomplishments not just job duties.


"They have mastered placing candidates to the best positions that fit their skillset and desires. My experiences in job placement with them has been nothing less than exceptional. Thank you WWYH!"
Linzy B., Marketing Manager
"In March of 2019 I got a call from Kelly from Work With Your Handz, she was very courteous, she completed an in phone screening with me, asked me questions about my previous experience and resume I had turned in to Indeed, and asked me what my expectations were for my next position, later she explained in detail how the interview process would go. I knew where my interview was with who and at what time. After the interview, I was contacted directly by the manager and she completed the on boarding process with the hr department. It was all very smooth, I received my offer letter promptly and started my new job in the beginning of June and now I've been in the company for over a year!"
Kat F., Office Manager
"They are very responsive and made the hiring and interviewing process very easy."
Andrea S.
"I worked directly with Kelly P. She was very professional and prompt responding to my questions and concerns. Thank you, Kelly for your insight and knowledge regarding this accountant position."
Elisa J.