Should I Hire a Recruiter? What to Look For in a Recruiter

Why Should You Hire a Specialist Recruiter?

When the time comes to hire, most companies either take out an ad, wait and hope, or contact a random job recruiter who may or may not be familiar with the industry. However, knowing how the industry works and understanding the business model of a residential service company is paramount to being successful during the hunt for talented techs, office staff, and leadership positions.
This is particularly important in the service industry, where more than just technical skills matter. A dedicated specialist for the service industry will know that soft skills are just as vital to the hiring process. Is this a person that your clients will want in their home? What is their temperament like when working under stressful conditions?

Additionally, a dedicated recruiter will know to look for the precise terms that will lure in your perfect candidate in a timely manner. We understand the day in a life of a service technician. We know what benefits and perks matter to them. This is true for Customer Service Reps, Dispatchers, Accounting roles, and other office staff. We can carry this familiarity through to Service Managers as well. Dedicated recruiting agencies are incredibly knowledgeable about coaching, team building, organizational, and other skills a service manager needs to succeed. We have proven success in finding these integral positions to take your company to the next level.

Consider hiring a dedicated recruiting team as an extension of your HR department. They become your personal talent acquisition team. This means you no longer have to put any thought into how much time and effort your HR team members are spending on hiring because the burden is lifted from them and placed where it belongs. In addition, a dedicated recruiting team knows your company inside and out and can anticipate needs that arise seasonally. For example, you need to start building a bench before the height of HVAC season; typically, this search needs to begin 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the season. By using a white-glove concierge recruiting service, you can tailor your needs based on changing market dynamics, seasonal changes and count on meeting your goals for growth.

Should I Hire a Recruiter? What to Look For in a Recruiter


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