Use Hiring as a Team Building Exercise: Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Find Out What a Dedicated Recruiter Can Do for Your Staff Morale.

Dedicated recruiters do more than just recruit; they can also help you retain staff and improve the morale of those employees you already have and may risk losing.

Often, we search job boards for resumes only to see candidates from our current clients who have updated their status and are preparing to leave. We can tell you right away if we see your current staff is looking to go so that you can get into retention mode. Additionally, we frequently hear from candidates in your area who are willing to give us honest feedback about what they hear “through the grapevine” regarding your business’ recruitment and retention strategies and practices. In addition, they give us the “down-low” on any rumors that may be floating around the industry. Sometimes this feedback is great; other times, it allows reflection on potential improvements and addresses deficiencies.

A dedicated recruiter can mitigate false information when possible. We can give you honest feedback from candidates when the occasion arises where they feel it’s not in their best interest to tell you negative feedback. We look at this constructive criticism as a teaching moment and an opportunity for your company to meet this information head-on and act if necessary. This can go a long way in helping retain staff and improve morale.

On top of retention, dedicated recruiters have proven success in actually building whole teams. For example, when a customer of ours created a new division for electrical services, they trusted us to know what kind of techs were applying and how they might work together. Of course, maximizing a referral network is always beneficial, but especially so when building a new team.

When adding to an existing team, it is helpful to know what personalities will or won’t work together, and what specific traits or gaps in the current group you need to be filled. For instance, are you heavily staffed on a particular skill but light in other areas? This is when it can be beneficial to have a knowledgeable and experienced recruiting team on your side.


Use Hiring as a Team Building Exercise: Recruitment and Retention Strategy


Kelly Rowlett Presgrave


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