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How to Use Social Media for Recruitment: 5 Tips for Connecting with Candidates

As a recruiter, finding the right candidates to fill open positions can be a challenge in today’s competitive job market. According to a report by ServiceTitan, industries like the HVAC industry, are expected to grow by over 15% in the next five years, creating even more demand for skilled workers. The report also found that the average residential construction company struggles to fill an average of 5 job openings each year due to a shortage of skilled workers. This highlights the importance of effective social media recruitment strategies for companies looking to fill these crucial positions. By following the right strategies and techniques, you can increase your chances of success and find the best people for your clients. We recently had the opportunity to attend the AHR Expo and was impressed by the gathering of over 35,000 people in the HVAC industry. We learned valuable social media recruitment insights and tips that we would like to share with recruiters looking to improve their skills and find success in the 2023 hiring market.

  1. Follow the Influencers – Add parts about meeting the social influencers, tag each of their websites or social media 

At the AHR Expo, we attended a session with HVAC social media influencers entitled “HVAC & Social Media: Strengthening the Trade with a Community Mindset.” We were able to hear from social media influencers like Ben Poole from HVAC Tactical and Aaron Bond who have gained a social media following by showcasing their hard work and dedication in the HVAC industry. Keeping up with the social media influencers in the residential construction industry can help you stay informed on the latest trends, best practices, and innovations. According to a survey by LinkedIn, social media influencers can drive up to 60% of website traffic through their content and engagement on the platform. This traffic is filled with potential candidates that can be useful during the recruitment process. As the social media influencers in your industry grow, their followers will be filled with both active and passive candidates that can be added to your candidate pool and recruiting network. Following these social influencers on social media, attending webinars, and subscribing to their newsletters can help you stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Follow the Manufacturers

Building social relationships with construction manufacturing companies in your industry can be another helpful way to find the types of people they are looking to hire. Many job seekers follow tool and equipment manufacturers on social media to stay up to date with current and evolving trends. Manufacturers like Navien, REMS Tools, and Dewalt Power Tools have existing partnerships with the social media influencers in the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical industry. As the influencers grow on social media, the manufacturers also grow, and their followings can be filled with thousands of potential candidates that can be useful for your recruiting process. According to a study by Appcast, over 70% of job seekers reported that they are more likely to apply to a job if the company actively posts on social media. This shows that job seekers are looking at social media for guidance throughout their job search. Following these companies on social media and attending industry events can help you network and connect with potential clients and candidates.

  1. Follow their Followers

Once you’re following the social media influencers and the manufacturers, don’t just search through their followers: Follow them! By following the followers of influencers and manufacturers, you can tap into a network of potential candidates and stay connected with people in your industry. A study by Appcast found that job seekers are 10 times more likely to click on a job posting shared by someone in their network. Engaging with these followers on social media and participating in online discussions can help you build your professional network and reach more people. Ideally, these social media influencers will begin to organically post your job openings once you have proven yourself as a trustworthy and valuable recruiter for their social media following.

  1. Be Social

Social media is a valuable tool for recruiters. A study by Jobvite found that over 80% of job seekers use social media in their job search, and more than half of those who found a job through social media found it through LinkedIn. By actively participating on social networks, you can increase your visibility, build relationships with potential candidates and clients, and showcase your expertise in your industry. Whether you’re liking or commenting on posts or reposting content, being social is an important part of a successful recruitment strategy on social media.

  1. Cross Platforms

To maximize your reach and connect with as many people as possible, it’s important to be active on multiple social media platforms. According to a study by Jobvite, job seekers use an average of 7 different job search sources. While LinkedIn is a valuable resource for recruiters, don’t limit yourself to just one platform. Using a variety of social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, can help you reach a wider audience and connect with potential candidates and clients in new and different ways. If you’ve found someone on Instagram or Facebook, follow them on all platforms once you’ve established a relationship. Ideally, recruiters should be present on each of the 7 different job search sources that Jobvite describes job seekers using.

By following these five tips, recruiters can increase their chances of success in the hiring market. Whether you’re looking to build relationships, stay informed, or find the right people for your clients, these tips will help you reach your goals and succeed in the world of recruitment.

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How to Use Social Media for Recruitment: 5 Tips for Connecting with Candidates


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