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Plumbing Operations Manager
Customer Service Operations Lead

We are hiring a Plumbing Operations Manager and Customer Service Operations Lead in Howell, Michigan!

Come work for the trusted name for heating and cooling throughout the Southeast Michigan area for the last 2 decades. The experience of the customer, with quality work, is their main mission. Join them at the leading force in the heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical industries across Southeast Michigan, renowned and trusted for over 20 years. They hold a strong commitment to ensuring their customers’ experiences exceed expectations through their unwavering delivery of superior-quality work.

Howell, MI: What can we do for you?

Howell, MI: Benefits

  • Develops and implements best operational practices while continually focusing on continuous improvement and process enhancements to achieve budgeted gross margins.
  • Oversees Department spend to include labor, vendor agreements, inventory, and fleet. Responsible for facilities management, inspections, maintenance, repair, and installation to ensure protection of company assets.
  • Oversees safety compliance to include employee training, safety tracking, employee compliance assessments, and incident investigations are completed properly and corrective actions are implemented when necessary.
  • Ensures all personnel adhere to OSHA safety standards and team members are safety conscious at all times.
  • Maintains compliance of licensing, permitting, and code requirements.
  • Manages and develops service staff to include termination, discipline, accountability, scheduling, setting work priorities, conducting staff meetings, evaluating performance and directing work assignments to maximize production.
  • Evaluates workloads and personnel schedules to maximize efficiency in achieving profit and customer satisfaction objectives.
  • Maintains training of field personnel on systems, tools, and procedures utilizing in-house training, ride-alongs, Success Academy, webinars, and online training programs.
  • Provides leadership/coaching, feedback, and ongoing technical and communication training to all subordinates to increase performance.
  • Reviews service paperwork and ensures all field personnel adhere to procedural standards of reporting and documentation.
  • Conducts job site surveys, field personnel ride-alongs, and work evaluations.
  • Assists the dispatching operation in ensuring appropriate technician selection for the type of service.
  • Ensures accurate documentation of dispatch, arrival, and completion times.
  • Effectively manages conflict resolution with clients through clear communication, addressing all concerns, questions, or problems expediently
  1. Operational Oversight:
    • Monitor daily customer service operations, ensuring processes are smooth and efficient.
    • Review and implement best practices for customer service operations.
    • Address operational bottlenecks and propose solutions to enhance productivity.
    • Ensure the field technicians’ schedules are dispatched in an efficient manner.
  2. Team Management:
    • Lead, train, mentor, coach, and develop customer service representatives and dispatchers.
    • Coordinate training programs for new hires and ongoing training for existing staff.
    • Develop and revise scripts used by direct reports.
    • Manage scheduling to ensure full coverage during operating hours.
  3. Performance Metrics:
    • Develop, track, and report key customer service metrics.
    • Responsible for KPI’s for the call center.
    • Monitor team performance against set goals, providing regular feedback and devising strategies for improvement.
  4. Stakeholder Communication:
    • Act as a liaison between the customer service department and other company departments.
    • Provide feedback to the management on customer insights, needs, and feedback.
  5. Process Improvement:
    • Evaluate current customer service processes and procedures.
    • Recommend and implement changes to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  6. Technology Utilization:
    • Stay updated with the latest customer service technologies.
    • Oversee the implementation and utilization of customer service tools and software.
  7. Customer Escalations:
    • Handle and resolve escalated customer complaints or complex issues.
  8. Feedback Loop:
    • Collect feedback from the customer service team and customers to inform process enhancements.
  9. Budget Management:
    • Assist in the preparation of the customer service budget and ensure operations stay within budget.

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