Tip #6: Boost Your Industry Image through the Right Recruiter

It may not seem immediately apparent how, but using a recruiter can actually help boost your image within the industry. I’ll explain how.

Imagine your residential service company used to be a commercial construction company 20 years ago. You decided to move your business model to strictly residential, but it didn’t go quite as planned. Maybe your business suffered from turnover and had some hiccups in the transition. Or perhaps you had just one bad apple and it seemed to ruin the whole bunch. If that bad apple is a service manager or technician tainting the well with negativity about upper management or other employees, it can be absolutely brutal on staff morale.

Perhaps you just purchased a company and need to do some reputation management. There are a lot of reasons your image could use some polish. We see these scenarios and more quite often in the service industry and can help you weather the storms they cause. Suffering through these damaging events can take a huge toll on a company and can sometimes take years to recover from on their own.

Instead of fighting the battle by yourself, consider teaming up with a dedicated recruiter. A dedicated recruiter can help you meet this problem head on. When we talk with candidates, we are selling you and your company as the industry leader.  We are presenting you as the employer of choice and the best of the best. A recruiting company can do this because we get to know your company’s culture, brand, and core values through office visits, weekly check in calls and an initial calibration call. When working with a recruiting company always keep in mind that educating your outside recruiter on the history of the company, and any negative feedback we might encounter is vital to ours, and ultimately your, success. We can tell the whole story, enlighten candidates on changes in management or improvements your company has made. It is a chance to tell your company’s story through us.

We find that candidates are extremely receptive to hearing about what might be different from the past, and what the new story is. By highlighting the changes and improvements we can help form a new view and give your company a chance to talk with that candidate and show them how you have improved, or maybe are just different from the past. Word spreads quickly in the industry, and just one or two positive contacts with potential recruits can really turn things around for your image. So, before you panic about a reputation disaster, consider turning to a dedicated recruiter. We can help you turn your problem around and get you on a new and successful path forward.

Tip #6: Boost Your Industry Image through the Right Recruiter


Kelly Rowlett Presgrave


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