Reasons Why People Seek New Jobs & How to Make a Good Job Offer

The employment landscape right now is a minefield for employers. It’s a candidate’s market and the competition for hiring is fierce. Due to a number of factors, the candidate pool is not as full as it was a few years ago, but your hiring needs are as urgent as ever. This means that good candidates usually have multiple interviews with various companies when searching for job. So, what makes them choose one offer over another? After interviewing thousands of candidates each year we can shed some much-needed light on that answer.

A good recruiter is worth their weight in gold if they know how to speak about your company and explain why YOU are the company of choice for their next, and hopefully last, employer. They can speak as though they are an employee and can highlight all of the best features of the job, as well as the benefits.

In most markets there are more job openings than there are candidates to fill them. It is imperative that you and your company stand out in such a saturated field. Employees have their pick of many jobs, and so you have tremendous competition for your offer.

Timing is extremely important when it comes to getting a candidate to accept your offer. Always remember that qualified candidates are in high demand, so moving things along quickly will help ensure that you don’t lose them. Dragging out the interview process or delaying an offer for too long can cause you to lose precious candidates; most offers made within 1–2 days of the interview are usually accepted. If you wait 4–5 days you’ll most certainly lose a candidate to another company, perhaps even to a competitor.

Why Do People Switch Jobs?

The most important considerations we’ve heard from candidates when it comes to why they are looking for a new job—and what they’re looking for in their next job—are compensation, professional development, and work/life balance. These top 3 reasons show up time and time again. In order to excel in not only targeting but also obtaining candidates, you must be on top in all three of these areas. Focus on being able to provide these three areas to potential candidates and you’ll have candidates accept your offer! Remember, the name of the game for candidates today is choice. They have more offers than they can shake a stick at, so in order to stand out in the field you have to be able to provide them with what they’re looking for. By focusing on fair compensation, available professional development, and work/life balance you’ll be more likely to have the candidates you want accept the jobs you need filled.

Reasons Why People Seek New Jobs & How to Make a Good Job Offer


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