Tip #8: How a Recruiter Can Help Convey Your Company’s Culture


Competition for new employees is fierce among Residential Home Service Companies, and what can make you stand out among the many is your company’s culture, values, and mission. Usually, this is evident from the atmosphere in your office, the way your employees speak of the company outside of work, and even employee referrals.

Before a recruiter can help you find that perfect candidate, you need to find out what your company culture really is. What makes your company different than all of the other companies out there? Often, this requires a deep dive into your company values, and how well your employees uphold your mission statement. A great way to research this—and to take the pulse of your company—is to talk with your current employees. Your current employee base is a potentially untapped resource when it comes to selling your company to prospective candidates. To get a handle on your culture ask around the office about the things that keep long-term employees sticking around. Don’t avoid asking the hard questions like “what do you wish we offered here that we currently don’t” or “what do you do when you need a break?”. The answers to these questions can help you make necessary changes in the work environment and help to enhance the culture you want to have. Once you know these answers your recruiter can convey them to potential candidates.

Recruiters talk to thousands of potential candidates every year. We know what they want when looking to move to a new company. Over and over we hear that employees want stability, benefits, and a great company environment. Culture is important to employees, whether it be tickets to sporting events, company breakfasts or meals, getting to take their birthday off, or even something as simple as casual Fridays. If you have current employees who can talk to a potential candidate about how great you are, don’t be afraid to use that to lure in new employees. Talk to your recruiter about which employees may be willing to speak to new people and fill them in on the company culture.

Switching companies is scary. Candidates are potentially losing comfort, familiarity, PTO, and knowledge. By setting them up with a long-term employee to talk about the company culture and working environment, you are offering them the reassurance that they are making the right choice.

Tip #8: How a Recruiter Can Help Convey Your Company’s Culture


Dana Hubchen


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