Tip #3: What Does Brand Awareness Have to Do with Hiring?

What You Can’t See from the Inside.

You’ve opened a new location, and it’s time to start hiring. However, penetrating a new market isn’t instantaneous. A lot goes into finding just the right staff for your location, even if it’s close to an existing one. To hit the ground running it helps to hire an agency that already has experience in your chosen industry.

It takes strategic and consistent jobs postings, a significant social media presence, internet optimization, constant email campaigns, and referrals from people interviewed in the past to get a successful recruiting project off the ground—and that’s just for starters. In addition, gaining the knowledge of brand reputation—not only with customers but also with workers—is vital to recruiting successfully. All these things combined with intensive sourcing of passive candidates and hours dedicated to calling, texting, and emailing applicants are critical to a successful recruiting strategy.

See where we’re going with this? The success of utilizing all these efforts happens over several months, but the rewards can be exponential once it happens. When you don’t have several months to wait, hiring a dedicated recruiter is essential to help speed the process. A successful recruiting team will talk with hundreds of applicants, and with this will gain immeasurable insight into the market.

Profiting from an established presence and an excellent reputation in the market will benefit your company, just as it does a recruiter. However, often there is a benefit to using an outside company to market your jobs. For example, does your company have a good, but not great, reputation amongst technicians? Of course, most companies don’t want to think of that as being true for them, but it is not uncommon for it to occur.

Moreover, many employers don’t perform exit interviews, so the employer may never be aware of any problems. Additionally, bad news travels, and rumors start quickly. A dedicated recruiter can sell your company to someone, even those that may have heard a bad thing or two. Perhaps you have new management, what the applicant heard wasn’t true, you changed policies, or you are under new ownership.

These are all things that a dedicated recruiter can be aware of and mitigate when an applicant, who never would have applied to your job, applies to their open position.

Tip #3: What Does Brand Awareness Have to Do with Hiring?


Kelly Rowlett Presgrave


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