Tip #1: Take the time out of recruitment

It’s an employee’s market; how to take the time, and hassle, out of the search for qualified candidates.

You know the drill. You have a job opening so you typically turn to a job board to post your position. You’ll then sit by the computer waiting for interested responders. You may have more applicants than you can handle, and yet none of them are qualified. Alternatively, the applicants may not come, then you must turn to the same job boards to search for resumes in the hope to reach passive candidates. That can be extremely time-consuming, sifting through candidates who may or may not be ready to work. The problem with this is that it’s only half the battle. To do a really good job, you need to dig deep, going beyond the resumes on job boards into social media, smaller job boards, licensing boards, and good old fashion Google. This allows you to find experienced and qualified technicians where they’re more likely to be.

Once you find them, your best bet is to contact all the qualified sourced candidates by phone so you can find out who is open to changing companies and what it would take to get them to make a move. You can determine which apprentices are close to being licensed, who might be considering a geographic move in the future, and who has made moves out of the industry. This time consuming but important step lets you get to the best candidates before your competitors snap them up. The hare, not the tortoise, wins in recruiting for skilled trades, every time.

Can you see where we’re going with this? The hunt for new employees can be a full-time job in and of itself. It’s a frustrating process that can seem to take forever. When your company has goals and the only thing standing in your way is recruiting the right talent, it makes timing even more important. If your company is turning down marketing efforts because you don’t have the staff to fill the demand, it’s time to stop losing out on that opportunity and call a recruiter who knows your business.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

This isn’t the only way to hire.

You or your hiring managers don’t have to get stuck doing a job someone else should be doing. There’s a place you can go that already has a nationwide database with thousands of pre-screened skilled tradespeople and technicians looking to work for industry leaders. Using a dedicated team of recruiters can save you time and money. Dedicated recruiters not only source the talent you need, but they will screen candidates, set them up for interviews with hiring managers, and can also help in the negotiations it takes to get them to sign on with you. Every candidate, whether a technician, office worker, or manager has benefits and perks that are unique to them. What they aren’t always good at is conveying those things in an interview with their future employer. Perhaps it’s because they don’t think negotiations are on the table, or they don’t think your company will offer what they are asking. Whether it is front-loaded PTO, a couple of dollars more per hour, a certain shift, or in the case of management, yearly bonuses and future salary increases based on predetermined metrics, a recruiter can help tease those intricacies out and make sure they are offered if available. A recruiter can also help negotiate on your behalf if there are multiple offers being received. We sell your company as the employer of choice and only work with one company in a market area.

While our dedicated recruiting team is working on hiring, you can be working on growing your business. Consider a dedicated recruiter such as Work With Your Handz to help meet your company’s goals through talent acquisition. Skilled recruiters for the skilled trades, Work With Your Handz is the go-to recruiting agency for residential service companies and construction companies of all kinds. There is no stone left unturned when we search for qualified candidates and no one else that understands recruiting for residential services like we do.

Tip #1: Take the time out of recruitment


Kelly Rowlett Presgrave


Skilled Recruitment for Skilled Trades

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